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  1. Registration fee is inclusive of prospectus fee and is neither refundable nor transferable.
  2. Registration is a pre-requisition for admission. Children are normally registered for admission in the month of January.
  3. Students seeking admission to various classes should get themselves registered for admission.
  4. The students for Pre ?Nursery & Nursery Classes are admitted on the basis of general observation only.
  5. Admission will be done on the basis of written test and interview and is subjected to the availability of seats.
  6. Students seeking admission to Pre ?Nursery should be 2 ½ yrs of age as on 1st April of the year in which admission is sought.
  7. Parents are required to deposit the admission charges by the due date. Registration forms are available in the school.
  8. Filled form must be deposited with Birth Certificate, Two Stamp Size Photographs and Transfer Certificate (in case coming from another school) along with Progress Report from the previous school.
  9. Students who are admitted to the school are expected to produce Birth Certificate from Municipal Committee/Corporation. It is compulsory to bring the original certificates along with a photocopy.
  10. If parents fail to produce the birth certificate within a month of admission, the admission stands automatically cancelled. Dues paid will not be refunded.


  1. One month's advance notice in writing to withdraw a student must be given to the school before 10th of the month. If the notice period is short, the fee due for the next month will also be charged along with the prescribed fee for the issue of T.C.
  2. The parents, who want to withdraw their ward after the final result is declared, must inform school authorities by the last working day of February of the current session in writing; otherwise he/she will have to pay full amount of dues in next session including all the dues & tuition fee for the month of April.


School fee is payable on monthly basis in advance by the 10th day of every month, but in the month of May, December & January fee for the month of May-June, December-January and February-March respectively be deposited at replica watches the fee counter till 10th day of the payable month. A late fee of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged till the end of the month. If a student fails to pay the school dues within the specific period, rolex replica watches his / her name will be struck off the rolls and the child will have to be re-admitted after seeking the approval from the principal and after making full payment of the school dues and fine.

The school is not bound to send reminders. The management reserves the right to increase the monthly fee with prior notice. The fee structure for the session can be collected from the school office.

Timing for Receiving Fee: - All collections and payments will be accepted only between 8:00 A.m. to 1:00 P.M.


  1. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be produced within 3 days of a student's absence.
  2. Half day leave will not be granted to students without an application signed by the parents. In case of emergency parent will be required to collect their ward personally in order to avail half day leave.The school will not be held responsible for any mishap with the child.
  3. No student will be allowed to leave school premises during the school hours.
  4. If a student continues to be absent for 10 days without the written permission of the Principal his / her name will be struck off the school rolls.
  5. No student will be sent home with any person except his / her parents.


The whole school syllabus is divided into two terms, and emphasis given on routine test system to evaluate the performance of every student as follows :

  1. Unit Test : Every Monday
  2. Half Yearly Examination : September
  3. Annual Examination : March
  4. Pre ?Board Examination : During January & February
  5. (Only for 10th & 12th Classes)


Basant Valley School also helps the students to prepare for various competition examinations. School participates in various competition examinations conducted by various outside institutions. Teachers' routine help for preparation for these exams result to achieve good positions and prizes time to time. This is the only reason that our senior students after passing the school clear leading competitions test.

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